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Nothing looks cuter than your toddler wearing the latest fashion trends like an authentic adult. Our shoes come to complement their looks, but also to provide protection and walking aid.

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Discover our impressive range of products for babies and toddlers – from authentic clothing to more types of shoes to make your little one feel comfortable.



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  • Michael Ronson
    Pip Squeakers was my primary choice in terms of baby fashion for both of my kids. I was impressed with the first collection I got for my boy, so I did the exact same thing for my daughter – definitely a good starting point for clothing, accessories and so many shoes, wow!
    Michael Ronson
  • Karolina Chase
    I got to Pip Squeakers at a friend's recommendation. Her toddler always looked fancy and fashionable, but also comfortable. I got a couple of sets for my daughter and more pairs of shoes, as she grows pretty fast. I'm impressed with the quality and I'll stick to Pip Squeakers as she turns into a toddler too.
    Karolina Chase
  • Andy Macpherson
    When I first ordered from Pip Squeakers, I only expected some good looking items that would make my baby look cool. However, I was surprised to find out that everything is designed with safety and comfort in mind, which makes everything even better – definitely a good starting point!
    Andy Macpherson

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