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Our special offers keep refreshing on every Monday, with a few bonus offers hitting our website on the first day of each month – check back often.

Onesies and
romper suits

We have more than 20 different styles of onesies. Choose the perfect color combination and style for your little one and do it with nothing but the design in mind. You no longer need to bother about researching materials or the actual design – we have already taken care of all the safety standards, so focus on looks only.

Our onesies are made of organic materials only. No babies will ever be allergic to them. Also, they are large enough to avoid causing any pressure points around your little one's body – not even around the joints or waist.

Shoes, sandals
and other footwear

Footwear carries the same high quality standards. At this point, it depends on what exactly you are interested in, as we sell a plethora of styles. Each style comes with different materials. Again, everything we commercialize is made of organic materials, so there is nothing to be concerned about in terms of safety.

We sell basic shoes, different types of sandals, sneakers and trainers. Each type of footwear is available in more models and colors. Interested in something that we do not sell? Drop us a line and we will see what we can do about it.

T-Shirts, Sweatshirts
& Shirts

Our T-shirts, sweatshirts and shirts are made with quality in mind. We have dozens of different models to choose from. Some of them are designed for boys, while others go for girls – we also have a unisex line. However, at the end of the day, if a certain style looks good on your baby or toddler, just go ahead and get it.

Any of these products is made of 100% cotton. There are no synthetic materials used in their composition. They allow the body to breathe and they ensure a relaxing and comfortable experience for your little one.

Gifts, Presents
and Packages

Our packages represent our best sellers because they put more things together. When you buy more things, you obviously benefit from a discount that can go up to 40%. We only have three packages and each of them comes with its own particularities. When it comes to shoes, they come in slightly different sizes, as your baby will keep growing.

Our packages represent a cost efficient option for baby clothing, especially as they cover more sizes – a common issue for parents. Babies grow extremely fast, so things that fit today may no longer be useful in a few weeks.

Design Your
Own Package

It took us a few weeks to come up with our packages. They were chosen according to some polls among mothers of all ages, only to ensure that we can satisfy as many customers as possible. However, it does not mean that you have to be happy with them. Interested in other items? Design your own package with 15 to 20 items.

No matter what you put in your package, you will still benefit from our special offer discounts. At the same time, keep an eye on our refreshing special offers and promotions. We add new offers every week, as well as every month.


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